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Saint Paul Police Historical Society Seeks Historical Artifacts

Do you have a nineteenth century Saint Paul Police badge? Is Grandpa’s old “billy club” gathering dust in your basement? What about that dented Civil Defense sand pail sitting out in the back shed? If you can prove these items are the real thing, you can help build the Saint Paul Police Historical Society’s museum collection of historical law enforcement items. Dig through your basement and rummage through your attic; you may have an item we could add to our permanent collection. Oh yes, our SPPHS president is looking for an old police motorcycle to restore.

We’re seeking:

We also need:

Items accessioned into the SPPHS collection will receive the highest standards of care, will be thoroughly researched, and will enable the general public and generations to come to better understand the law enforcement profession and its relationship with American society. All items accepted into the SPPHS collection will be acknowledged and will be tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

For more information, contact Department Historian, Sergeant Craig Nelson at 651-266-5400, or SPPHS Secretary and Oral Historian Kate Cavett at 651-227-5987. Electronic messages for SPPHS are also picked up several times a week at 651-266-9000 Ext. 71667# (yes, you have to punch in the “#” key as part of the extension).

Tax-Deductible Contributions

The Saint Paul Police Historical Society (SPPHS) maintains a totally unfunded relationship with the Saint Paul Police Department and the City of Saint Paul. Your charitable gift will help the SPPHS preserve and promote the history of policing in the City of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Contributions, grants, and/or gifts donated to the SPPHS will be tax-deductible in accordance with an existing Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement with HAND in HAND Productions, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Minnesota corporation.

To the extent that some of the above listed items will have to be purchased by the SPPHS, tax-deductible financial donations by check or credit card are most graciously accepted by contacting HAND in HAND Productions in the following ways:

  • Contact the HAND in HAND Productions office by phone: (651) 227-5987 or E-mail: handinhand@oralhistorian.org to make a donation by credit card, or to obtain additional information;
  • Send a check made payable to the Saint Paul Police Historical Society to: Hand in Hand Productions, 313 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55102; or
  • Send the check directly to the: Saint Paul Police Historical Society, Office of the Chief – Inspection Unit, 367 Grove Street, Saint Paul, MN 55101.

SPPHS Telephone Number: 651 266-9000 Ext. 71667#